A community of folks gathering around about the West 7th Neighborhood of Saint Paul. 

If you are looking for a community. You are welcome, because you already belong here.


Church Life

We gather for worship at Art House North on Sunday evenings. Service starts at around 4:30 PM. Our table is open, no exceptions. Communion (including grape juice, wine, gluten-free wafers, and bread) for all.

Bar Life

Lutherans are a bar people. We started back in the days of Martin Luther singing bar hymns set with new words, raucously praising and proclaiming our hopes. Humble Walk keeps in that tradition. We gather in the bar monthly to sing, to tell stories, to talk, to celebrate life.

Community Life

Sometimes all that indoorsiness can make us a bit twitchy, so we have to break on through to the park. In the summer we can often be found in Robert Luck Park behind Adam's Elementary, making art, watching puppet shows, or at Art House North sharing a meal.