Art in the Park

Sometimes in the summer, we take a giant leap in our worship life and instead of gathering on Sundays for worship we gather in the park and do some pretty wild art projects.


We like to eat. We’ve been known to have the occasional potluck and sometimes our service takes place over dinner tables together. Some summer evenings we have a giant potluck in the street, other times we have meal liturgies, sometimes before church we have tea, hot chocolate, coffee, and snacks. We dwell in the possibility of food at all times and in all places.

Youth Group!

We have a whole community full of youth ministers. Many adults who used to make their living (?Debatable) in full time youth ministry positions. And a slew of former camp counselors. Another section of kid advocates. Then add adults who generally like kids and a room full of involved, intentional parents. When people ask if we have a youth minister, I sort of laugh and then launch into a mini sermon about what it looks like to have Community Supported Youth Ministry. We use the whole village, yo.

That being said, there is a rotating cast of adults who spend a couple hours of intentional time with our oldest kids–5th grade and up on a monthly basis. It is good times.