Humble Walk punctuates the liturgical calendar with various artists: visual, musical, young, and old. Our worship life follows the ancient pattern: Gather, Word, Meal, Send. We are not afraid to take risks within that ancient pattern–which we regularly do.

We are a people on the move. Right now, we gather for worship at Art House North every Sunday at 4:30PM in the West End of St Paul. Our table is open. Communion includes grape juice and gluten-free wafers for all. We are unabashedly open and affirming (LGBTQ).

This worship gathering might offer healing from previous ideas of what church is--it is a place to rest and reimagine what church can be in your life. 

Come and see. What, exactly, is there to lose? 

Youth & Families

Humble Walk has, at its core, people. 

People of God. 

Followers of Jesus. 

Conduits of the Holy Spirit. 

Some are big, some are small.  Some are old, some are young. 

Some bring their own family with them, some don’t…but all are part of the Humble Walk community.

We are mindful of our children and that their church experience is not passive.  While our numbers are small and we have no need for a Sunday School Superintendent, we teach our children.  We include our children.  We worship with our children. When we say, “All are welcome”…we mean it.

“Do you know who is not efficient and streamlined? Kids. They will not be rushed. They don’t give a rip about your plans for a shortened worship. Thank God. Because it’s way better this way.”

Read about (and see a dramatic recreation of) our worship milestones here. Or about the importance of kids serving communion. Or the wands and wondering of youth group.

Music & Arts

We have a healthy Artist in Residence program featuring local, regional, national, and international musicians and artists who spend some time with us…they get to know us as we get to know them.  They may bring us back to the familiar or teach us the new.  They may bring along their own liturgies.  Whatever and however, we learn.

We stretch. We grow.

We worship.

Humble Walk: The Album

We like to share our music with others.

We are lucky enough to have a bunch of our guest singer/songwriters write songs specifically for our worship community. You can buy and download our album if you like. It's also available on compact disc. You should buy it. We think you'd like it.

It's available on the Humble Walk Church Bandcamp Page