You are Humble Walk Lutheran Church. We do not have membership at Humble Walk, so if you show up where we are are in. Welcome. The church just grew.

There are plenty for whom Humble Walk is their primary church community and others who participate at Humble Walk and are also members of another church. Humble Walk serves both populations.

Are you already a member somewhere else? If so, we want your church to show up in our budget. We are one of the 107 ELCA congregations within the Saint Paul Area Synod. We need 12 congregations to partner with us by praying for us and providing $2,000-5,000 annually in mission support.

Here is how that happens:

  1. Talk to your pastors and council about Humble Walk. Attend a council meeting and ask for 5 minutes of time to tell them why this church is important.
  2. Put us in your annual budget for 2016. We would fall under Benevolence, Evangelism, Mission Support, Stewardship
  3. Mail your support to the Saint Paul Area Synod office.
  4. Keep showing up to Humble Walk events and bringing your people. This is your church.We give thanks for all the ways in which God Incarnate invites us to gather.