In many ways Humble Walk functions as a living laboratory for the church. Experimentation is what we do best. Sometimes the things that work, work good enough that we want to share it with the world. Below you can find a few of the most requested items (or things that we think should be the most requested items).

The Humble How To Series


Coming Soon:

  • How to do a Christmas Pageant in a Pub

  • Liturgies

    • Maundy Thursday Meal Liturgy

    • Blessing of the Bicycles Liturgy

    • Blessing all the Things Liturgy

    • Summer Meal Liturgy

We hope that you are able to take these resources and use them in your communities. If you do use any of these, we certainly would appreciate it if you were to make a donation to Humble Walk Lutheran Church. Without a bit of money we can't keep making the mistakes that are necessary to develop future resources. You can donate on our online giving page at mightycause.