Beer and Hymns

We have heard the people. The people want beer and singing. We mean sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-in-four-part-harmony singing. Once a month in the fall and winter, we gather at Shamrock's Irish Pub and sing with reckless abandon. Some with beer, some with soda, some with burgers, and some with vegetarian options. We sing and are transformed in the process. (Many cry because it’s so powerful. Others go home hoarse because they can’t help themselves from singing so boldly.) It’s a holy thing, this communal song.


Have you listened to the Moth? Our Storytelling events are like the Moth--except there is a high probability that you know one of our tellers. These events are open-hearted. Brave souls stand up in public and tell the truth about their lives. We listeners are right there with them – making connections with our own lives. Storytelling opens up the room in a raw, insightful and often humorous way. The listeners feel as if they have received a gift. And then, we have the bonus of a local guest singer/songwriter who give us stories and truth crafted into song. Sigh. It’s all so good.

Theology Pub

Humble Walk is full of talkers. And listeners. And questioners. And learners. We’ve been known to have the occasional theology pub where we meet local and talk global. A guest theologian brings a topic to our table and we chew on it. From creation to art to music to rituals... we look at it from the point of view of an authority in that area of study or practice and gain a greater appreciation and understanding. Or, we try to.

The Humblest Pub Christmas Pageant Ever

You know that thing, where the kids dress up as animals and assume the roles of characters from the Christmas story? You remember how you always wanted to be an angel, but ended up as a sheep? Our all ages Pub Christmas Pageant is a chance for you to relive your memories, except in a bar, before Beer and Carols, which is quite possibly the rowdiest, sing-songiest, Beer and Hymns event in the tri-state area. So bring the kids for the pageant and stay for the singing. It's beginning to look a lot like Advent.