Milestone. MILESTONE!

Milestones Today, your generosity is a milestone for Humble Walk. Every week in worship, we celebrate milestones. Just before the dismissal, we invite everyone who has a one to come up around the altar. “Maybe you lost a tooth or job, maybe you got a tooth or job. Some milestones are joyful and some are not. We welcome them all.” The idea came from one of our seminarians-as a way to recognize our whole lives. We want to honor the moments that are significant and make up a life. It acknowledges that our lives are holy-sacred moments in the absolute ordinary. Each person takes a small stone from the pile and shares their milestone. When they are done sharing, they put the rock in our big milestone jar and the gathered say, “MILESTONE!”

Enjoy this final video, “Milestone.” Count how many stones actually get into the jar—and enjoy Jeremiah's hair keeping the beat. Thank you for your gifts of support. You make this church go round and out. Praise be to God for you. YOU.