Mad Dog Vachon, Mayor Coleman, Theology

On Monday, we hosted Theology on Tap at Skinner's Pub. The place was packed when we arrived. Even though we had reserved a table--the diners didn't seem in any hurry to finish up and leave. They were lingering. So, we started out in the two booths that were available. Then moved to the bar side to two available tables. This was quieter than the dining side. At first. Then a commercial would come on the bar tv and it was like we were lip reading. Plus, our group just kept growing in size. There we were, under the Mad Dog Vachon signed painting with clock, when Mayor Coleman walked in. As if that isn't all surreal enough--he recognized one of our tablemates and they went off to have a little conversational catch up. When Coleman asked what we were doing, I said, "Well, this is Theology on Tap. Want us to make room for you?" He looked sort of scared and flustered and said, "Oh no thank you." Sometimes it's funny that the topic makes people nervous. It's not like I said, "Jesus Christ."

Eventually, the Mayor settled into a booth. The lingering diners left. And we moved (for a third time) to a group of tables. Finally, we settled into a discussion with guest theologian, Mary Shore. I'm thankful to the persistance of this group and to Mary for transitioning with us through our Skinner's pilgrimage.

 It's also evident that we have outgrown our Skinner's homebase. Sigh. It was a good run. And now we will find a different venue for the fall. No worries--change brings good things.