We are growing! Praise God. Can you even imagine this community without that person sitting next to you last time we gathered? Me, either. It’s like they have always been around—like the Holy Spirit just knew we needed one another—and we are all richer for it.

We don’t have official new members anything because…we don’t have membership. If you show up, you are in. However, we do have an informal way of integrating newer folks. I usually meet you for coffee and hear about your life and answer any questions you have about the community. Guess what? I’m woefully behind in these coffee dates.

We also have a growing list of folks who ask for community prayers throughout the week. Guess what? We don’t have a formal system for this so I text a group of folks who I know pray—and I happen to have their number—and they happen to pop into my head. It’s not a great system. 

Guess what else? We need a budget for 2017 and an opportunity for financial commitments from folks. Jen is our volunteer treasurer (God bless her). But it’s too much for her to carry alone—and it’s too important to just have the two of us paying attention to our finances. It’s definitely not my area of strength to begin with—and because I can’t keep up most weeks just trying to do the basics, I don’t give this the attention it needs. 

Here is what I can do: I can preach, tend worship life, provide pastoral care, do most bar events and continue to help listen for God on behalf of the community. That’s about it. That’s the limit—and most weeks, even that list is well beyond a part time role. 

So…uncle. I need help.

Might you feel a spark of life when you think about being…

1.  A prayer collector. A point person who rounds up a team of people who commit to pray for people. The point person receives the request—and then alerts the rest of the folks through a group text (or other means you find more helpful). Requirements: confidentiality, care, tenderness and follow-through. Being asked to pray for someone is an honor and a gift. 

2.  Connectors. We need a handful of people who will go on an occasional one-on-one coffee date with new folks. These dates are a joy—because humans are fascinating and dear. Requirements: ability to ask good questions, ability to listen well, have a general sense of Humble Walk in order to answer questions (or be able to make crap up on the fly), follow through. May also be employed to meet with people, “Who just want to meet for coffee to hear more about HW." (These are typically other clergy or seminary students)

3. Financial team. We need a couple other people who will pay attention to our budget (but, um, first help create it for 2017). Do you see hope and possibility in numbers? Have you just been waiting to be asked to help interpret a spreadsheet? Honey, this is your jam. Requirements: meeting with Jen and I to get a sense of our previous budget, help create a budget for 2017 and then…help us meet it. Easy like a Sunday morning. 

4. Community Care. We need a couple other people who are available to provide one-on-one care to people in need. These meetings often mean sitting for an hour to listen (and resist, resist, resist giving advice or fixing). Requirements: tenderness, ability to listen, follow through, confidentiality.

Still with me? Great. Think on those things and go on and email me your hopes, dreams and questions. pastorjodihouge@gmail.com