Epiphany Glimpse of Jesus

For the entire month of January, we have paused in worship to ask: Where have we glimpsed Jesus? And who are we right now (as a community)? Where are we being called?  

Here is what we have heard:

Who are we? [Welcomed as, not welcomed to. We often say that “the church is the people and not the building.” Less often do we actually act that way. Humble Walk does. And it's not just the "members" of the church but anyone and everyone who comes. They strongly believe that the community is made up of anyone who is gathered at that particular place and time. The church is those assembled -- and as a visitor, this made a big difference. I wasn't welcomed to Humble Walk. I was welcomed as Humble Walk.] (Keith Anderson)

We are all ages together--full participation We are people who have chosen a hard way (fulltime artists, nonprofits, risk takers, leaders) We are people for whom a hard way has chosen them (mental health, people in recovery, adult children of alcoholics) We are fully open and affirming to those who identify as GLBTQ We are a Storm Home for those seeking a place to rest, heal, find shelter (a last ditch effort for many) We are a learning community and have welcomed a gaggle of seminarians (Michelle Walka, Amy Hanson, Peter Clark, Nathan Johnson, Eric Worringer, Katie Parent, Laura Slezak...who did we forget?) and sent 3 people off to seminary (Jessica Olson, Justin Rimbo, Katie Stever) We are a community who retreats together every six months. We set aside work and screens and production to practice sabbath as feisty resistance in a world that glorifies busy-ness. We are a community that sends their pastor off on a 3 month rest. Even though we might feel anxious, we take risks as a community. We aren't afraid to fail. We are almost always flirting with disaster financially. And we don't let this control us. We respond to ideas with, "Yes, let's." We create spaces where explosive joy can take place Our community feels fragile/vulnerable and strong. We see our unpredictability as a gift

Where have we glimpsed Jesus this month? Helping our neighbors (chopping ice, shoveling show) and finding out it's fun to do. Throwing parties every month in the back of an Irish bar and inviting everyone. And they come. Sometimes, people will wait in line just to get in the door. By supporting artists (and by being supported as an artist) We found out that dancing can us around (Youth Group) By patiently waiting for markers in worship (click, click, click) in a world that waits for nothing Praying through health reports from our doctors Doctors taking extra time and care with our loved ones "My process is to make chaos on the canvas" Guest Artist DeAnne Lilly Parks "Don't judge. Do the work." Guest Artist DeAnne Lilly Parks

Retreat Glimpses at Bay Lake When we pause to give thanks, it's a firehose of gratitude Seeing God in outside play in creation Seeing God in attentive conversations Seeing God in all the sharing (of food, supplies, time, ideas, play, prayer) Remembering that everyone is "in" without a "but" or "œexcept..." In Laura's wrestling with the text (for hours) listening for the Good News for our community In taking risks during the school play In anti-racism workshops In a drag show--with a queen's mom dancing and cheering from the front row In our ability to create places where explosive joy can happen

Where are we being called? To continue to create spaces where explosive joy might happen To use good words, kind words, loving hearts and respectful love To keep our community safe (Child Safety Policy) To grow together (GLBTQ ally training) To be more overt in the ways we welcome and communicate that welcome We are being pushed to be even more public in our life together A men's group is forming July/August brings six weeks of midweek meal liturgy and Sunday art in the park events