It's not about the money.


On Monday morning, I woke up with my jaw clenched and a substantial headache. It was one of those nights of sleep where my subconsious was working hard-troubled and worried. All of the muscles in my face and neck were tense. In some ways, it didn't make sense. Worship on Sunday evening was robust-as always, a mixture of new and familiar faces. Hope, bread, longing, prayers, milestones and grace were shared. Then we gathered at my house for soup and bread. Advent Season within Humble Walk is simple, holy, dear. But underneath, my nocturnal head was spinning about our budget. The hour before worship, a trio of us met to talk about finances. It's clear as day that in order to end the year well, we need to do a year-end appeal. Where will it come from? Where will the energy and time to launch it come from? How on earth do you fund a church where most of the people involved never make their way into worship on Sunday? Humble Walk is a church where the majority of those who belong are not involved in weekly worship.

These were my first Monday thoughts as I drank coffee, stretched my neck and jaw, talked myself in and out of going to yoga class. Finally, a text from Heather-asking me to pray for her as she enters into a dream job interview. For me, it was an invitation. This text-this invitation-was exactly what I needed. It snapped me back from the ledge. Because it's not about the money. It's never been about the money. We need it, of course. Funding enables us to connect with hundreds of people outside of bricks and mortar buildings in surprising and delightful ways. It pays for a part time pastor. It pays for all those bar events and summer meals in the park. It pays for a litany of guest artists.

Over the hour of yoga, I prayed for Heather-who dreams of being a hospice nurse. And as I prayed, I felt myself unclench. What a gift it is to be in relationship with one another and to be invited into new possibilities.

Invitation is what Humble Walk is all about. We invite people to gather-to break bread-to remember that we belong to God and we belong to one another.

How do we fund a church without membership? Easy. We fund it through you. You who are with us physically, you who are with us online. You who come and learn from us, you who come and rest with us. You who sing with us. You who come to be reconverted to a life of faith. You who believe that Humble Walk is needed now more than ever.

We invite you, your congregation and your checkbooks to join us in raising $15,000 between December 16-23.

Find us: Sundays at Sholom Home East 740 Kay Avenue St Paul 4:30PM Shamrock's Pub Dec 21 All Ages Christmas Pub Pageant 5:30PM Beer and Carols 7PM

Online giving via Razoo

Mail checks to:
Humble Walk Lutheran
PO Box 16363
St Paul, MN 55116