Thank you notes in our PO box

thank you

One of the best things about having our own PO box is that it seems to attract thank you notes. Honestly. They just keep coming. I look through that little window and my stomach does a little flip (as I relive my college PO box days). In a digital world of text messaged thank yous, these hand written cards shine. Someone actually took the time to sit down with a pen and a card. They found a stamp-looked up our address-put it in the mail. Here are two for our whole community to enjoy.

Dear Humble Walk, Thank you for Laura's Bible! It's such a lovely translation for kids and so thoughtful of you. Gratefully, The Nordenstams. (Yellow crayon drawings by Laura, who is a fan of Spark Story Bibles).

Humble Walk Lutheran Church, (Jodi, Michelle and Slade)

Please accept this donation for the youth program. Valerie and I were very appreciate of the support you all gave us. We wish to pay it forward to the youth of Humble Walk for camp or gatherings or how you deem appropriate. Peace, Jean and Valerie Hyde.

3 years ago, we sent two youth (Val and Brylle) and two adults (Michelle and Slade) to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. This gathering happens every three years-and moves locations.  Maybe you know this already because our Rachel Kurtz is one of the Big Deals at the Gathering. This very week, it's happening again in Detroit. Once again, thousands of youths from all over the US will converge. The next time it rolls around, we will have another set of youths old enough to go. It can be life changing and powerful. It's also expensive. So three years ago when we talked about sending our two teens, it seems insane. No one had any money. Then we decided we would make it happen anyway--about $1000 per person--and trust that we were doing the right thing. Off they went with two super adults and the risks paid off.

Fast forward three years and financially, things have changed for Jean. So, she sought us out as a place to be generous. I KNOW. Grace upon grace. (She also gave me permission to share this story).

So, our youths have $1000 to begin dreaming about a trip or camp for next summer.