Beyond the shelter


Early Spring, after we gathered for worship--we shared a meal together. I asked people how the worship community might be met this summer. In the past, we have moved from the shelter of a building to a park, lake, yard, playground. Because it's summer. And we have been focusing on sabbath. Real sabbath. Taking deep breaths and setting down all of our "shoulds." What if we embody sabbath for the month of July during worship? What would that look like? Likely, it would mean being outside. Someone said, "The beautiful summer days come and go so quickly. It's hard to stop whatever outdoor things we are doing to come in for worship at 4:30PM."

4:30PM in January feels like nearly evening.*

4:30PM in July feels like the middle of the afternoon.

So, we decided that in July, we would take a break from our fine shelter at Sholom Home. We are a community that meets people where they are at (pub, park, coffeeshop, yard). Why wouldn't our worship community do the same?

Last Sunday, people gathered for a BBQ next to our Humble Walk garden. Tomorrow, we gather for a Blessing of the Animals in the school park behind Adam's Elementary School (which is also the location of our Wild Events). Next week, we'll gather for a potluck picnic at Lake Josephine (where we did all those amazing baptisms last summer). Finally, our last Sunday in July will be at the end our the retreat at Bay Lake Camp. Glorious sabbath summer.

If you hate this-no worries, August will be here in no time and Sholom Home awaits.

*I think we should have this conversation in January, too. Because what if people want to meet outside in January?