Cat herding


Cool cats. This is our most scattered season-spread out over the city and globe, doing our things. I know this--this is every single summer. And every summer, as your pastor, I wonder if everything is coming undone. Then I take some deep breaths and think about those mustard seeds out there growing in and among us in ways that cannot be contained. The Spirit tending and calling us in mysterious, unseen ways. It takes some internal work--letting go. Reminding myself that we are constantly being born and reborn. Dying and rising together. It feels out of control because it is out of control. And yet. There are places where we need one another to show up. Want to be of service to this community? The world? Here are real live places to serve.

*An actual garden with real vegetables which need tending. Can you take a week? Or split a week with someone? Water, admire, pick vegetables for your dinner. Head Farmer Emily:

*Summer Bay Lake Retreat. If you plan to come to Bay Lake, register so that we can plan for you.  We want everyone to come. That means YOU. Email Hospitality Guru:

*Theater camp at the Art House North. We are supporting this good thing by providing and serving snacks each day. July 13-17, July 20-22. Snacks for hungry kids changes the world. Kids who are learning to respond to one another's ideas with, "Yes. Let's." Show up at the Art House, serve snack, marvel at youths, clean up snack. (You don't have to provide the snack...just serve it). Email Wild Director Casey to volunteer:

*Worship set up. Weekly at 4:15PM, beginning August 2. (Sabbatical pastors Phil and Angela will not do this for you) Sign up at worship or contact

*A potluck picnic this very Sunday at the Hennen House, right next to our community garden. This is what worship looks like: a yard party/potluck. If you plan to come, let Emily know so she can be prepared for you. Head Farmer Emily:

You make this thing go round and out.