Bar, Salt, Light


Let's take a minute and think about the year in the bar. Since our bar life runs on an academic calendar, it's reflection time. It's the short month (weeks?) in between wrapping things up at Shamrock's and putting plans together for next year. In the next few weeks, the dates will go on a calendar, get okayed by the good folks at Shamrock's and then make their way to some fancy flier. As you think over the year and the times you made your way to an event at Shamrock's, where did you feel like you connected? (With one another, God, the Paul Molitor burger). What part challenged you? Fed you? Felt like life or healing or a storm home?

Our life together is incarnational. We trust that Jesus is present-whether we recognized it or not. We are also Spirit-led. Which means we aren't afraid to let things go that no longer have energy. Even sacred cows. We are also risk takers-willing to try things that feel a bit on the edge or scary. If that's where we are being led--then we go.

So, Beloved. What will life in the bar look like next year? What are you hungry for? What are your friends hungry for?

I found this in my sermon files. It served as a great reminder to me this morning.

Over the last few months, our gatherings at Shamrock's have drawn hundreds of people. Never ever underestimate the power of the church to convene. We know how to create events. Through conversations with all those guests, I found out we have groups from a million other Lutheran churches, Presbyterian, Catholic, Sikh, non-denominational, Disciples of Christ, Baptist, Assembly of God and hundreds of others who claim no faith affiliation. We aren't looking for convert anyone. We simply offer Jesus' gentle invitation to come and see. Or come and hear. Or come and sing. Or just come and be.

That is being salt and light.