Today. (Not yesterday or tomorrow)


Sunday was Pentecost Sunday (Acts 2). We ate Hot Tamales during the sermon to remember what fire feels like in our bellies. Also, because they are delicious. We spent a good amount of time talking about the Holy Spirit-how the Spirit moves in with an invitation into the present. Being invited to notice what is happening in the present isn't usually where we spend our time. Our time is consumed either bemoaning the past or planning for the future—both of which are also often bathed in anxiety.

But, what if...what if the Holy Spirit calls us to notice what is right before us? The Spirit is at work here—today--offering life, connection, agitation, creativity, comfort, unity. All good things! All gifts.

I spend a good amount of time with other church leaders-in meetings and such. And usually this is an exercise in praying for the down-hearted. Sheesh. It's a hard time to be pastor. No one really knows how to do this job anymore.

But, what if...what if we let go of the past. The bemoaning and grief of how we experienced church in our youth-or the church we knew in our first call. And what if we stopped trying to project what the church will look like in ten years? We let go of all the articles about who or what the Millennials are and the “Nones” and the latest stats about how the church is tanking? What if we stop trying so hard to crack the code?

Letting go of what was and what will be absolutely frees us to attend to what the Spirit is doing right now. Right now! God is at work all around us-and I think we forget that. Sidenote: the world will say this is crazy. That living in the immediate is unsustainable--like being drunk at 9:00 in the morning (Acts 2). Yet, the invitation is here--an invitation to be present to your life.

Humble Walk is uniquely gifted in being able to attend to the immediate. We don't have a long history. Just shy of seven years. We've learned from the beginning that we have to hold what we have loosely. Being roughly...mildly...financially unsustainable means you need to live in the immediate. So, we look around and listen and respond to what God is doing this season. 5 Year Goals are cute-but that's a few lifetimes away for this community.

For'll gather to hand out summer fliers. Later in the week we'll tie dye, eat ice cream and plant a garden. On Sunday, we'll gather for worship and hand out bibles. Beyond that? Who knows where the Spirit might lead us. (I keep hoping it leads us to a Roller Skating rink.)