Meet Angela and Phil. You lucky ducks.

August -October, Sunday worship gatherings will be led by two dynamic pastors (Angela and Phil). They'll divide up the Sundays and arrive at Sholom Home with some Good News for you. I am thrilled that they each said "yes." Thrilled. It's possible that you have met Phil at one of the storytelling events in the bar (yes, that Phil). Or maybe you met Angela when she came to worship a could months ago and shared a Milestone "My Milestone is that after praying for this community for years-and seeing it out there like a beacon of hope-I finally get to be here in person." Show up on Sundays. Honestly. Bring all your people. Because these two have the Gospel burning within them and those are good pastors to be around. I made them write bios (or I would just make it all up for them). Read on:

Pastor Angela Fairbanks Jacobson

After living the life up north for the past decade on Lake Superior in Ashland, Wisconsin, Pastor Angela Fairbanks Jacobson now seeks urban adventures.  She currently serves temporarily as Interim Pastor at Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan until this September.  Her most recent ministry (“first call”) adventure of the past few years was as the Pastor/Mission Developer for Off the Grid, “an emerging, Christ-centered, seeker community in the Chequamegon Bay area that welcomes doubt, explores faith, and embraces paradoxy”.  It was not uncommon for her first thought during that time to be “What would Jodi do?”  Some of her other favorite questions to ask throughout ministry and life include “what if…?” and “what is God up to?”  She looks forward to exploring these with the Humble Walk community….

Sometimes Angela can be found on the Mississippi riverwalks, on cross-country skiis, on a yoga mat, in a canoe, on the playground, napping in a sunbeam, or nowhere to be found.  She can also be found with her husband Karl (also a pastor) and with their five children – Hannah, Sam, Nora, Lucy, and Claire – in St. Paul or beyond.  No matter where the twists and turns (and ups and downs) of life have taken her, she always has close at hand her GPS blessing, “God, go before us, to prepare and provide, and sustain and surprise us with the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”  Let’s be surprised together!

Pastor Phil GebbenGreen

Phil GebbenGreen is a Presbyterian pastor at Edgcumbe Church in Saint Paul.  He and his wife Julie are co-pastors, which works out really fantastic most of the time.  Phil truly believes that the Bible is chock full of super good news, and he loves to talk about it. Besides pastoring a congregation, Phil is interested in the insights of the Non-Violent Communication, the Enneagram, A Course in Miracles, and—when the mood strikes him—meditation and centering prayer.

Phil is also a handyman, and he enjoys working with his hands and varying his day between spiritual and physical endeavors.  This is reflected in his hobbies that include weightlifting and reading, cooking and movies, and then some more reading (preferably fantasy, history, or a good novel).  Phil and Julie have three children: Isaac, Micah, and Lydia.