Good News that's actually Good.


This morning at my clergy text study (which I call preacher's round-up), someone made a comment that we have spent 2000 years trying to turn Good News into law/bad news. I'm sort of scandalized by the thought because...well, crap...because it might be true. I know we can't help it. It's the way the rest of the world works. It's a system that we understand--getting what we deserve, proving our worth, getting what we deem as fair, digging our own grave, seeing the whole thing as a business transaction. One person said, "Actually, I am pretty sure that most people in our congregations do not feel deserving of love." Crushing! You are not a business transaction. God's love for you is not a transaction.

Maybe you are having some trouble believing that God in Jesus loves you whole-heartedly, as you are...and that is actually the point of everything. The point of the bible. The point of creation. The point of 2000 years of retelling these stories.

The point, the point, the point.

Beloved. Beloved. Beloved.

Thanks. I just needed to be sure you heard that. (Also, I am not preaching this week because Justin Rimbo is---so I had to sneak my sermon in somewhere.)