Luther Sem Student

You all know that we are a learning site for Luther Seminary Students. They come and we learn from one another--we fall madly in love with them--and then we bless them on their way to amazing things. It's catch and release. It's part of our gift to the larger church--and it's a gift to us to have them around. Laura Slezak (pronounced Lara Slayzack) has been around for months. Laura just officially chose us as a learning site for the next semester. So, you will see more of her as we learn together. I asked Laura to give us an introduction. Humble Walk, meet Laura. Laura, Humble Walk.

Here's what she wrote: Hi y’all. My name is Laura Slezak and I am your new contextual education student here at HW. Has anyone else ever seen the acronym and thought homework? The problems I suffer from due to my student status. I am from north Texas, although the above greeting is about as Texan as I get. I am in my first year at Luther Seminary where I am trying to figure out what is going on, which is where you lovely people come in. I am the oldest of four children and suffer from all of the stereotypical neurosis or quirks associated with that birth position. If you catch me without anything to say (a rather common occurrence), chances are I will tell you all about my family. My family background and my education have had a global emphasis and therefore tend to inform my perspective. I over-analyze absolutely everything, including this introduction. And . . . time to be done. Here’s to hoping I haven’t scared you off because I am looking forward to getting to know y’all.