Experiential Worship

It's Experiential. The very first time Humble Walk gathered for worship, kids outnumbered adults. This remains our constant around the the table and font. We decided from the beginning that we would live out the Gospel's great reversal within worship by putting our most vulnerable in the center. We want those with the least amount of power to lead this community. For this community, that means we put the youngest worshipers' needs first. God bids us to come and die and to lose our lives in order to find it. We see this lived out in our worship life every single week.

While some may be put off by this initially, if you stick around long enough you will see that it's not about sacrifice but of receiving a gift. It might be easy to think in this model that the adults sacrifice so that the kids are met or that those without kids sacrifice so that the kids are met. If you regularly show up where we gather for worship, you will find your heart being opened by our youngsters' prayers spoken for hurting people and impossible situations. You will see them lead us into the Gospel with questions, artwork and unfiltered commentary. You will receive the broken and spilled body and blood of Christ from the hands of small prophets. Beyond precious, these moments are gifts because they transform the rest of us (who are protectively trying to guard our hearts from any such transformation). Knowing what it's like to be left out or bullied or without power, kids have a way of pointing to justice and mercy and truth. Thanks be to God.

So, our worship is experiential and engaging. We also eat bread.

Enjoy this Slow Jam and give us all your money. We promise to keep living out the Gospel with the most vulnerable at the helm.