We Are Connected. $15,000 Appeal.

Today. Today is the day we launch our 7 Day End of the Year As We Know It Appeal. We know you have been waiting for this exciting launch. Wait no further. The community of Humble Walk is growing in every way. Our summer park life is teeming. The twice monthly gatherings at Shamrock's Pub pack the house. Our kids are growing up and multiplying. Seminary students keep finding their way over to us. The online conversations we host are lively. Through it all, we are rooted in weekly gatherings around Word and Sacrament-Christ breaks in and meets us with grace and truth. We do give everything freely. With great abundance and without strings-gather with us, use our ideas, go and do likewise. Of course, we do have operational costs that support all this good ministry. Do you have $15,000 waiting for a good home? Because that's what we need to end this year well. If not $15,000, how about $200...$70...or $70x7? We promise to put it to good use, straight away.

Online gifts: http://humblewalkchurch.org/

As a extra shiny bonus, we have recorded 3 stellar original masterpieces for your enjoyment. Each highlight a part of the Humble Walk life.

We Are Connected

We have a strong online community and presence. Through facebook, our website, blog, and Twitter we are part of what Keith Anderson calls The Digital Cathedral. (You can read all about it and us in Keith's book's with the same title.) Being a church without walls has it's advantages. It pushes us out and into places where people naturally hang out-places like the social media empire.

Perhaps you follow us online or participate in our digital conversations. Maybe your community has used ideas that we road-tested. Maybe our community has walked with you in prayer and support.

We give thanks and are honored to be a part of your life and the broader church world in these ways. Thank you for connecting with us. We are connected-in Christ.