Life in the Bar

You know what happened last night? The short answer is Beer and Hymns. But there is so much more...

Shamrock's said "yes" to hosting this event. Theresa made the fb event. People made hymn suggestions. Nate organized all the music and then took it over to Augustana Lutheran Church to copy it. Augustana donated all those copies to us.  A bunch of people shared the event on social media. People invited friends. Our favorite server, Austan, invited friends. Katie came early to serve as host. She greeted, schlepped chairs and made people feel welcome. People came in droves. Peter, Glenn, Keyla and Nate showed up to play instruments.

And then we sang.

When I arrived half-way through, the room was Bikram yoga hot...electric. The singing was glorious--like therapy, but almost free. Someone waiting at the bus stop outside heard and "went toward the music." Babies were bounced on knees (and were stripped down to diapers by the end). We passed the donation pitchers and then sent the whole wad ($260) off to Justin, our seminarian who helped start Beer and Hymns. When I thanked one of the musicians, he said, "There is no place I would rather be." I went home thinking that when a rowdy bar crowd belts out "It is well, with my soul," I think, "Yes, it is."