A word on membership


One of my very favorite things that someone at worship said is that with Humble Walk, "You are in. Unless you don't want to be. This is Good News." We actually mean it. Wherever and whenever we are gathered, if you show up--you are in. You are Humble Walk. One of the most interesting things for me to observe is when someone (innocently) asks a friend/neighbor/stranger if they go to Humble Walk. There is always this fumbling, hemming and hawing around the response. I used to think it was because people were hesitant to be associated with a church. And while that might be quite true for some, now I believe it has to do with our idea of church. No one actually "goes" to Humble Walk, we ARE Humble Walk. Singing hymns in the bar, taking care of one another, participating online, gathering for worship on Sundays--it's all the work of the gathered church. What a gift to be able to lift the burden of membership and of assigning roles of who is in and who is out.

It also means that there isn't a hierarchy of involvement. If you are involved in any part of our life, you are Humble Walk. Being a tiny bit Humble Walk is like being a tiny bit pregnant.