Yesterday in worship, we asked and responded to questions together. We had great big clown-size post-it notes all over the room and time to respond.

At the heart of all of it is the central question, "Where has God moved and where is God moving us?" Here is what we heard and it makes me love this church even more.

Pray your way through this list and then add what's missing.

What is working?

space, people, liturgy, most things allowing people to just be free-range children theology pub public events being able to do something easy or hard beer and hymns being able to go to the park our new space small community carrying the load/responsibilities together drawings of dog bones, sunflowers, sweet people. in purple. camp/retreats guest artist Sundays giving hope to the greater church hands on/interactive worship risk-taking

What are we proud of?

all of my lego/lego sets solid music always being creative, welcoming, diverse quality music and musical guests the songs community outreach-wild week, beer and hymns receiving people sending out people the community making this happen amazing family camps time together at Bay Lake radical hospitality food dogs awesome friends smooth transitions including children in worship Jodi being loving you are in. unless you want out. that's good news! social media/blogging/ennouncements acceptance of all people our kids good stewards of our resources sweet drawings of people. or possibly birds. in yellow. that we respond to ideas with "Yes, and..."

What is our role in this community (individually and collectively)?

harbor help each other grow gathering/safe place a place to be to be a light and a place of hope dog watching safe place for wounded or tired or burned out Christians care for and encourage the people in this community of faith an example of church outside the typical churchy box milestones daughter, babysitter, sibling a drawing of someone meditating. in purple.

What would we change if we could?

kosher is hard to find more eating together more people at worship more fun things to do after worship I want all my friends to experience church like this more informal gatherings more points of connection more fun acting things more food together more people more community service no more sadness more milestones more drawing I would change the beginning (before the fall with Adam and Eve)

What causes stress?

pressure to succeed fear of failure fear of expectations when things change loosing a football game in the NFL many things passive aggressive in the name of Jesus not really resting or recreating busy lives cars loosing a job unknown futures hearing or seeing the news not having enough resources to carry out dreams, plans, vision what knowing what each Sunday's congregation will look like (and planning worship accordingly) a picture of a smiling face. in orange. orange is so stressful! middle school kindergarten

What do we need?

faith, hope, trust, God more volunteers and staff support to  help Nate and Jodi more food more food temporary tattoos the ability to not judge others more folks more variety in leadership informal gatherings/opportunities to connect more group events/outings to be present more money collective ownership/leaders dogs picture of a sunflower. in purple.

Where do you see/witness God moving?

friendships here music relationships in chapel through relationships theology pub bay lake...extending time together inside of people wind. with a picture of wind. in purple. bar events inside of people through music drawing of  kids walking into school. in turquoise.

What gives you hope?

feeling the Holy Spirit in this community God seeing children engaged in worship freedom from structure dogs and puppies dogs and puppies Jodi's words and presence our volunteer leaders the kids this neighborhood a new day redemption/redemptive motion the Holy Bible a drawing of cookies and milk. in cookie and milk colors.