Clergy Renewal Sabbatical Grant

In deep dark January, we gathered before worship for an annual meeting. My director suggested it would be good to consider a sabbatical during the coming year--and encouraged us to apply for a grant. Those who were assembled gave t his idea a big thumbs up. So, we assembled a sabbatical team (Jess Olson, Heather Olson, Nathan Johnson, Theresa Nordenstam and Robyn Wayne). We applied for the much sought after Clergy Renewal Grant from the Lily Endowment. Many, many written words and pages and revisions later, we sent it off a day before the deadline (a week before Holy Week). Then, we waited. And waited. And waited. These grants provide funding for pastors to do incredible things--travel, renewal, writing, rest, further education. The over-arching question is "What makes your heart sing?" That's simple and easy for me. I am already doing what makes my heart sing. This is the best call in the world. And I get to do it. Everyday is also like drinking from a firehose. So, not-so-small break sounds amazing. We are fully funded-which means I go off and learn and rest and play, and we have funding to cover another pastor to lead at Humble Walk. If you'd like to read the official announcement, it's here.

We are scheduled for August, September and October next fall (2015). Of course, we have plenty to do and plan before then.

I am so deeply grateful. What a gift. It's like I won the pastor's lottery with Humble Walk and then I just won it again.