Places to Plug in

Bay lake summer 13 alsoHey all.It's been a more than full time sort of spring, so I am looking for ways to trim back this mustard tree of a church. Well, not the church. But my over-extended role. Summers with the people in my household are fleeting--and I am looking forward to all sorts of time with them. Specifically, this means I will check email and fb messages less frequently. You will have to wait for responses. (If you  have a crisis, call me.)

Which means there is more room for you. YOU!

Places to plug in:

All ages camp at Bay Lake July 24-27 Bay Lake is a holy place for us. We are transformed every single time we go. Like last summer, we are sharing this weekend with Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church-but each handling our own registration/contract. All the meals will be included and prepared by Bay Lake. In order for this event to happen, I need people who will: handle registration logistics, help with scheduling and planning. If everyone who says they want to come actually comes--we are going to be a big, amazing crew. (Much too big for me to handle all these details on my own).

Worship life Someone to be in charge of the weekly offering sign ups (set up, bread, snack, etc) I don't want to be the default person anymore. We need someone who will pay attention to who is signing up and what the needs are--and then to take care of the holes. This could be divided into three different months and three different  people (June, July August).

Summer Flier/Walk-a-about Have some mad computer skillz? Want to design a half sheet flier with all our summer events on it? Then take it to Kinko's and make 3 billion copies? (HW will reimburse you) Then invite people to walk them around the hood? If you ask-people will show up to walk and talk and roll. It's quite fun. Theology Pub We take a break from Theology Pub in the summer. However, if you want to lead a conversation--or  have a topic you are interested is doing--you could just go on and do it. Invite people. And just like that--everyone is out on some fab patio having a great conversation.

And. We need a group to plan next year. What do we want to talk about? Topics to gather around? Do we want to think about a Theologian in Residence? (I have one in mind)

Wild Things Casey Linstad is our amazing leader of all things Wild (this isn't surprising, is it?) at Adam's Park. If you have questions about Wild Things, talk to Casey. I know she is waiting in anticipation for your energy and help. (Often it's about showing up and learning some kids' names).

Summer Garden We went and did something new. We built a Humble garden and we are growing things to eat. Sara Kube is our Farm Boss and would love your help in taking care of this little urban farmstead. Direct your questions to Sara.