Smashed to bits

Last week, I wrote about our life together as a wandering, tent-making community and how the only things that don't change as we move from place to place are our altar pieces. The bins containing the altar wear fit nicely on a small trailer behind my bike. Church in a box! Church on a bike! Have bike trailer, will show up with worship stuff! But then. Things joggled and jumped and I cruised along post-worship last Sunday and the Milestone jar was lost in the process. Smashed to bits. A fancy yogurt container came to our aid--but by this coming Sunday, a shiny new jar will be with us. And I promise to put all the stones from Milestones of Yore in the new jar. And bike more carefully. And wrap everything in bubble wrap. I promise that Christ still abides through all the big and small milestones (even in our container can't contain them).