Born Again

20140506_093423 It's been quite a season for our community. On Sunday, April 27, we gathered for our final worship at Acme Scenic Arts. During the service, we took  time to write down memories specific to Acme. What are the things we are grateful for that happened in this space? "This is where I met my friend _______ ." "This is where my kids were baptized." "This is where we spoke 1000 prayers." "I ate cookies here." "I preached my first sermon here." "We had front row seats to amazing art." We shared these moments out loud and then put them all in a glass jar. It's our time capsule  that we intend to open and read and remember just before we move the next time around. Because we know there will be another move. We know that we are on a walk/journey/road/path/march. We were saying goodbye to space #5 in a litany of spaces. And when the time comes to move again, we want to remember that good things happen in every single space--and that God is faithfully with us through each move. We carried our bins through pouring rain out to our cars, shut off the lights and locked the door for the last time in this art space. We still were not absolutely sure where we would be the next Sunday.

We build church structures with rocks and brick and concrete to remind us that God is faithfully present. It's comforting. Building as metaphor. Humble Walk lives another metaphor. One of tent making and relying on the graciousness of others. The unchanging, relentlessly faithful metaphor that travels with us? Our small altar pieces. A processional cross from Ethiopia-a gift from my father-in law, that one of our small worshippers wanted to doozy up with pink Silly Putty. It was not malicious-she wanted to add something to our worship life. So our gorgeous cross bears bits of hot pink Putty. Communion wear-the plate and two chalices that hold our daily bread and wine/juice. A watering can that collects our money offering and a clipboard of ways in which we can offer other things. And a jar of small stones where we place milestones each week. That's it. This is what we carry with us from space to space. These are the pieces that do not change and remind us that Christ goes before us and is with us and follows after us.

On May 1, Rabbi Shalom Reznik-Bell from Sholom Home East called to confirm that Humble Walk could gather in their community space for worship. So, three days later-we found ourselves in a Jewish long-term care facility.  Four residents joined us for worship. We filled all 40 chairs and were grateful that some brought their own on wheels. There were new faces and familiar faces. It all felt familiar, but completely different. Many Humble folk cried because it was holy and good. Some were unglued because of it--and overwhelmed with gratitude.

And there, on the altar sat our Silly Puttied Ethiopian cross, offering watering can and clipboard, milestones and the bread and wine. In the breaking of the bread, Christ was once again revealed.