Youth Group!

child ledWhere'd Ya Go, Bernadette," in which one of the main characters refers to Youth Group!. The book is hysterical, set in Seattle (ftw) and paints a lovely picture of Youth Group! As a former (?) youth minister, my heart soared every time it was mentioned it--mostly because it wasn't negative. I've come to expect that in places such popular fiction, the church isn't going to painted as a positive experience-much less be  helpful. In any case, we started a monthly mystery event for youngsters in grades 5th and up. In February, another adult and I led the event. We met in my swanky new office digs and made two fleece tie blankets for Joseph's Coat. We did a little brainstorming about what they want to do in the coming years. Then we went and got lunch at Arby's. Which the Youth Group! deemed, "Okay. But I like our food at home better." Who ARE these weirdos? They also ate my stash of Icelandic chocolate (not the licorice kind. Whew.)

Here's their list of hopes and dreams:

Bay Lake Camping Cooking and baking Read books (book club) Invite friends Swimming Help with Wild Week Speak Pig Latin Go to Hawaii (arrive and get picked up by a limo) Go to the Farmer's Market Garden Sewing class Go to a movie at the River View Have a lemonade stand to raise money for Hawaii trip Car wash Go to Patina Go to the zoo Go to Starbucks for both hot/iced coffee

These three 5th graders also feel strongly about being the first participants in Youth Group! Like, be sure to acknowledge that they were here first. Pioneers, the lot of them.