We are moving. Again.

moving-2We recently found out that we need to find a new place to gather for worship on Sundays. Nance, owner of our current space, is going to turn her art space into a retail shop. We are thrilled for Nance--she's has been a warm and hospitable host to Humble Walk for the last couple years. Of course, our community has been through before. Check out our Sunday history:

We started in Fresh Grounds Coffeeshop. After three months, we outgrew the space.

So, we spent a month rotating between homes dreaming and praying about what sort of space we needed.

Moved into the Pilney Building. Two years later, the owners wanted to reclaim this event space for office space and gave us 30 days to vacate.

As it turns out, 30 days is not that much time to relocate a church. So, we spent an entire summer squatting in the picnic area of Highland Park. There were moments of glory (bucolic--kids and dogs running on green grass), but also it was ridiculously hot and humid. Dangerously so for half of the Sundays.

Then, we found the Acme art space. It's been a beautiful and functional space for us for the last couple of years.

Now what? We have until the end of April to find a new space. Our dream space would include: gathering space for up to 75, kitchen access, be located in the West End and welcome kids.

When you name a church Humble Walk--you should probably expect to be on the move. Huh. Also, think of how resilient our community has been throughout the last five-plus years (with five moves). Amazing.