10 reasons we retreat at Bay Lake Camp

10 Reasons we retreat at Bay Lake20140301_184905

1. Sharing: time, blocks, art supplies, children, space, coffee. Which leads to...

2. Great acts of generosity: ginormous amounts of salad and cake and Red Vines,  extended conversations at the fire, etc.

3. We see new things in creation and one another.

4. It draws out the silliness in us (Hot Summer Nights dance, anyone?) which means people are comfortable enough to let their guards down.

5. These weekends transform individuals and our community as a whole as Gospel stories come alive, bread is broken, prayers are released, hopes and dreams are spoken outloud.

6. Independence is nurtured. The kids travel like swarm of locusts--experiencing whole worlds together without us pesky adults interfering at every turn. Calculated risks. Those without siblings get to try on life with others. Those with siblings get to disown the ones they have and pick new ones.

7. We get to be on the receiving end of hospitality and being cared for. Our arrival is anticipated--and that feels so good.

8. A break from our norm. We get to set down all sorts of things--like car keys, work, school, cell phones, email. Setting these down makes room for conversation, rest, play and creativity.

9. We become known. Over plates of spaghetti and bowls of soup, we are drawn into conversation. We allow small pieces of ourselves to be exposed--the tiny cracks of light where relationships are formed.

10. Breakfast on Saturday morning is one big pajama party.