I keep forgetting that people are still anxious about the institutional church bleeding out. Not only do I forget, I forget to have patience and empathy for what we have lost. And that is mostly because I don't miss what was--I don't really have time. Every single day, I witness the church gathering in new places and wild ways. Every day. It's one of the blessings of being a mission start--we'll try nearly anything. Some of them actually seem to meet people/gather energy. Other times, we just shrug and say, "Whelp. Glad that's over." Have an idea that you are scared to try? Send it to us--we'll roadtest it for you and hand it back to you with notes. When I came across this post from Sara Miles--I smiled the whole way through it. I feel like she is writing it for and about our experience at Humble Walk. Go on, read it. Sara is one of the people offering a hopeful lens to all this change. Then, get going on all those hopeful things happening in your neck of the woods.