Add some legit theater to your Lent

Rough and HolyHumble Walk's financial life runs on bits and pieces and wildly generous windfalls and grants and gifts from the greater church. And some solid tithers (that's for real. Like, people give us 10% of their income. I KNOW. It breaks my heart, too). So, our budget is lots of prayer and piecing it together. And by the grace of God, it works. And then there is the rest of it. The other gifts. While we may be budget-lean, one of the places that we are incredibly rich is with artists. People who make their living creating art. There are painters and songwriters among us. And playwrights and actors.

Playwrights! Actors! Honestly. Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble, from Theater for the Thirsty,  bought a house in the West End and found their way to Humble Walk. Theater is their full-time thing-the way they buy their bread. The Gambles are mind-blowing talented--and here's the can book them at your church. They will actually bring theater right to you. I believe they are booking The Rough and the Holy for the Lenten season. Go. Book them. Give them a million dollars so they will keep creating and gifting the church/world.