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Hey. Here is a bit from Nate on what's happening around Humble Walk these days.  

Artist In Residence Revisited.


Hello Humble Walkers. It's me Nate. The Worship Arts Coordinator (or WAC, as in, This job is straight up WAC.) I do the thing Justin did. Just less stompy.


One of the rad things that Humble Walk has fostered is an Artist in Residence model where various artists come and lead the singing or a community art project for a Sunday or season. It has been phenom. Last year a grant and a kickstarter and a Justin Rimbo led to documentation of many of our artists in the Graham-y* winning recording Storm Home (as not seen on TV).


We're going to continue this Artist In Residence tradition (that's right, we're traditional) in a slightly different pattern at Humble Walk between now and June by upping the level of community participation. We think it'll look like this:


The first worshiping Sunday of the month we will have an Artist in Residence.


The remaining Sundays of the month we will have community led singing.




How come?


I'm glad you asked. There are a couple of reasons.


One is that our worshiping community on Sunday nights is currently smack full of musical talent. The power and beauty of group singing has been stunning. We've got all kinds of voices and instrumentalists that are able and eager and awesome. So I think it'd be a shame not to tap into this and strengthen our community in that way.


Another reason is financial. We have been super blessed by artists that will play for far less than their regular rates. By having an artist once a month we can triple the pay and come a little bit closer to a just wage.


We are also shaping Artist Sundays to incorporate a mini-concert as a portion of the worship. A chance for the community to receive this gift and an opportunity for artists to share in a venue that cares.


I think this will help us continue having worship that gives and takes of the community in a healthy way. Times where it demands something of us and times where we simply receive. This tends to be the rhythm of Humble Walk.


And if it sucks? Whelp. You can't say we didn't try.


Oh, and for those of you keeping score, we already started this new pattern with guest Artist DJ Jonasson last week. And that was awesome. So far we're not sucking. Or at least not any more than normal.


Also, for those of you keeping score. Stop it. Keeping score is lame.


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*meaning Graham Peterson played drums on it.