Ennouncements: January 2nd, 2014

This Week at Humble WalkWorship 4:30 Sundays at Acme Scenic Arts 941 West 7th Street St Paul MN 55102

This Sunday!! Come gather with us, we totally miss your face.

Gather Word Meal Dance

New Year's Dance on January 5 at 4:30PM, Acme Scenic Arts

Our youngsters asked us to host a dance—what better (nerdy? Appropriate?) way to celebrate the Incarnation than to dance. Or maybe you are just happy to have survived your extended family Christmas. Or maybe your Christmas was amazing and you want to keep the party rockin'. In any case, DJ Jonasson (who looks a bit like Michael M—if you dim the lights and squint) will be in the space spinning some discs. Bring a date. Bring your kids. Introverts welcome to hang around the punch bowl and tap feet.

Plus, we are ordering pizza, homeslice. Watch for it to appear near the punch bowl.


Year End Goal Remember at Beer and Carols when we said we needed to raise $10,000 by year-end to enter 2014 debt-free? Well for cryin' out loud if we didn't do it. Well, we raise all but $1525 and honey, we are calling that a win. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this church go round and out.

Theology Pub at Shamrock's Monday, January 6 at 7PM Topic: Incarnational Living. Name ten things you want to do before you die and then go do them.

Youth Group! Mystery Night January event details coming soon Saturday, January 25 from 10-Noon. Leader: Jeremiah Gamble and his trusty co-conspirator, Nate Houge

Create Retreat 2 (led by Bay Lake) Feb 7-9, 2014 Register through Bay Lake Camp

All Ages Winter Retreat at Bay Lake Feb 28-March 1 Register through Humble Walk