A word from our treasurer. The end is in sight.

Here is what our treasurer, Slade,  just posted in the fb group. It's worth sharing with you fine folks. 36 hours ago nadia dropped our name on her facebook page plugging the cd humble walk put together this year. since then her post has been liked by almost 400 people and shared 50 times. and then they commented describing humble walk with words like "welcoming, real, honest, beautiful, fun, ray of hope." wow those are pretty great attributes that i have no hesitation seconding.

we also have just under 36 hours to accomplish something else pretty remarkable. like everything we do at humble walk, stewardship looks a little different than at most churches. there's no big campaign or pledge drive. we figure out what we want to do, build a best-guess budget, spread the word, and the resources show up. which leaves this "treasurer" guy a few more grey hairs, but it miraculously works and i'm learning to trust it.

sometimes the resources that show up are games, materials, art works, performances, a space to meet, and sometimes even money. when the later is in short supply the good folks at the synod office have had our backs. (turns out we can't pay kinkos or payroll with a crockpot of soup, a dozen backyard chicken eggs, or extra vegetables from the garden.)

2013 has been so good to humble walk. we've had the awesome support of many great congregations near and far, families from around the block and world and we have been able to be church in a lot of creative ways. we've even been able to chip away at the loans the synod has given us over the years to keep things happening. in fact we are just $4500 away from wiping out that debt completely.

so in the next 36 hours will you contribute to our razoo page and help us get rid of this debt so we can focus on being the creative church folks in our neighborhood and around the world need? we put on our resourceful hats and even came up with a great thank you gift if you can give us $100 or more. we have about 40 limited edition prints from one of our artist members and we would gladly send you one (in case you forgot to get yourself a christmas present this year). thanks again for making 2013 awesome and cheers to the amazing things that 2014 has in store!

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