Today is Advent I (with prophets, soup, storytelling and quilts)

adventToday we gather for the first Sunday in our church calendar year (Happy New  Year). The season of Advent has arrived. It brings to mind the song we sang so many times over the years...God, I wait (but God, I can't wait). Our service is simple--a restful break from the cray-cray holiday rush. Kate Clark is our storyteller artist-in-residence. We'll hear the Story and wonder together about prophets. Thank you for all those who helped plan this season. It's a gift to all of us.

Thank you for tonight's offerers: Lydia (snack), Communion bread (Gamble family), Communion (Elsa), Strip the altar (Elsa), Offering counter (Jen), Sweep (Anna). If you want to help, show up at 4 to arrange the space or 4:15 to set up the altar or to host. Thank you to Matt for making soup for everyone and Nate for baking bread. If you are hungry, stick around post-liturgy for soup and bread.

Finally, before worship--the good people from Zion of Amor will arrive with a load of quilts and mittens and coats to share. If you need some of these items--come! They are for you.  The rest will go to the Wellness Center at First Lutheran who share freely with those in need of these basic items.

If I could rewrite that God, I wait song--I might change it to plural. Because we don't wait alone. We are here--waiting together. And there is soup. And there are quilts. And you.

God, we wait. But God, we can't wait.