Thy Kingdom Come

Every year, Humble Walk has been the recipients of a load of handmade quilts, hats and gloves from Zion of Amor Lutheran Church in Battle Lake, MN. Zion of Amor was my internship church during my third year of seminary. Anyway, they quilt up a storm--and then share them with the world. We are part of the world that they share with--and then we get to share these items with people in the neighborhood who can use them. Guess what? Next Sunday, December 1 (Advent 1, if you are keeping track) Lee and Barb from Zion are bringing a load of love to us. They plan to arrive in time for worship. They had the quilts ready to deliver. Then Lee and Barb challenged one another to share their extra coats. Then they challenged Zion of share. And the fire caught and now there is quite a load. Do you need some of these items? If so, come to worship on Sunday. Does someone you know need something? Then come to worship on Sunday. All the extra items will go to the Wellness Center at First Lutheran Church and Joseph's Coat.

When we pray, "Thy kingdom come" during the Lord's Prayer--this is what it looks like.  Lucky us to bear witness to it all.