child ledDuring the offering at Humble Walk worship, you can offer money (naturally). We pass around an orange Ikea watering can for financial contributions. We also pass around a community clipboard. On the clipboard, you can offer to bring bread for communion, to serve communion, to bring a snack for worship, etc. You can also offer to come early and set up the altar and chairs. This is the job no one wants to do. I call it a "win" if we have one volunteer out of four weeks. A few weeks ago, someone did sign up to do the job that no one wants to do. And that someone is six-year-old. (Thank you, amazing Humble kids.) It was All Saints Sunday and I wanted the chairs in a circle--which made sense to me since we were talking about being surrounded by the saints. Our volunteer had other ideas. I tried to gently persuade--highlighting the significance of the day and how amazing it would be to actually embody this image with circles of chairs. She wanted none of it. She had her own ideas. I tried to trump them-flexing my clerical collar, "I''d really prefer them..." But I was quickly interrupted with, "But you SAID. You SAID whoever sets up the chairs gets to pick how they want them set up." Oh hell. She was right. During announcements a few weeks prior, I totally said that exact thing. So there you go. Leave it to a  six-year-old--willing to do the crap job--to keep me honest. Thanks be to God.