We bombed.

bombSunday was sort of a bomb. Not The Bomb...as in, "good." Bomb as in..."uffda."  Because we didn't have a set up crew (those who signup to show up at 4 and set up the altar/chairs), we started off wonky. We were three steps behind before we even began. Then I forgot something at home and had to run back. By the time I got back to the art space, things were mostly set up. But I was thrown off a bit by the placement of the altar (it wasn't wrong or bad, I just didn't have time to adjust). The assembly was thick with youngsters. Even thicker than our normal pack. This is always a win. Except. Except when we don't actively engage them at multiple points along worship. Fail. As a preacher--I set up the wrong part of the Gospel story for interaction (the point wasn't the marriage question, it was the resurrection). And then I didn't provide a transition from the illustration to the point. Ugh. I did love that our older kids drew out some beautiful insights--despite the failure on my end.

Here is the thing I find most hilarious. On Friday, I spent an hour with the senior preachers at Luther. We talked a lot about interactive/responsive preaching--I modeled what it could look like. I said, "We have cultivated this practice at Humble Walk since the beginning. And it has never, ever bombed." In the midst of a very clear "bomb" on Sunday, I thought, "Whelp. Once again, I can never predict Humble Walk. Any time I try, I am wrong." Well played.

Remember that other time when I said worship ought not suck? Yeah. How about we try again this Sunday? Maybe 4:30ish?