Create Retreat Feedback

Create retreatLast month, 24 of us ran off to an island two hours north of St Paul (Bay Lake Camp--owned by First Lutheran Church in East St Paul). It was for those 18 and older--a twenty-four hour retreat set aside to create.  Create: space, rest, art, community, food, mayhem. I think we probably did a bit of all of that. Bay Lake went and offered up the essence of fall perfection: big crunchy leaves, wood smoke wafting through the air, hot apple cider, rosy-cheeked people hiking about--with the camp dog bounding through the trees, running to great us.  Honestly. It was nearly ridiculous in the delivery.

Things we know about the experience: It wasn't enough time. We knew this from the moment we planned it. A calculated risk from my end as the planner. I wanted it to be financially accessible to everyone. And for those with kids to be able to find a way to come-which is much more manageable for one night. And for those who were nervous about being stranded on an island--24 hours seems like a long enough period of time. For many, it was the first time ever 1.Retreating with Humble Walk 2. On the island. 3. Both

We also know that I forgot to lead basic introductions the first night. Good grief. Sometimes I look around and think, "Wait, I'm in charge? Oh yeah. I supposed to be in charge." Friends, strangers--if I forget something this basic--please jump in. If you were leading--I totally would. (You are smiling because you know it's true).

Everyone loved the camp, the food, the lodge, the island. The thing people seemed to have a lot of energy around (and lots to say) was the concert with Michael Morris. "A gift." "I wanted more of it." "I am still carrying around some of the things he said."

If there are other things you'd like to add or change--do let me know. There is already another retreat in the works. (With the additional second night option). Stay tuned.