Hiring process

hiring For the last couple months, we have been in the process of hiring a new Art and Worship Coordinator. I knew from the beginning that I did not want to be involved in selecting this person. Perhaps that sounds odd. I'm the pastor--and this person and I will work together on tending and responding to the community within worship. But, here is why I picked a team of Humble Walk people to do this work...

1. I was fairly certain some of my friends would apply.

2.  A varied team of people from Humble Walk can see things that I can't.

3. We have always functioned as an organic, from-the-ground-up community. Why would I make this significant top-down decision?

4. Control. My vocation as pastor of this community has been one-long, up-hill learning curve of giving up control. I didn't want to control this decision for the community.

5. Humble Walk people are whip-smart, perceptive and attentive to the needs of the whole. I trust this team of five.

6. The whole thing has been bathed in prayer. I trust the incarnation--Christ is in the midst of this and I am excited to see where the Holy Spirit will lead us in the coming year. Erin, Theresa, Mary Kaye, Peter and Jess took up this task. We prayed for them in worship and asked for God's blessing. They received many resumes (I did read them and they are outstanding. Seriously. Perhaps you want to consider creating a position at your church to tend art and music within worship? Brilliant, skilled, experienced, hopeful candidates abound). The team did interviews and this week, will offer the job to someone. I am deeply grateful for their hard work.

I'm ready for this person to get to work and I am excited to see how this might change our church's life together.