Booklist from Theology Pub

Last night, we met at Shamrock's Pub for first Theology Pub of the season.  It was a Book Swap Event. Everyone was invited to bring a book that matters to them--that resonated, made a difference, changed their worldview or shaped their faith in some way. Here is the list from those who were assembled. We brought the books--read a selection of each and told why it was chosen and then put it on the Swap table. Everyone went home with a different book. It's and interesting and oddly personal thing to give away a favorite book--some with earmarked pages and notes in the margins. I was rather moved by the whole thing. The Last Lecture

The Sparrow

Ragamuffin Gospel

Refusing Heaven

Love Poems from God


On the Road

Lightning People

Revolution Down on the Farm

Everyday  Sacred

Jesus Freak

Last Child in the Woods

Wishful Thinking A Seekers ABC

What might you add to this list?