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Humble Walk Worship Art CoordinatorPart Time



Humble Walk Lutheran Church is new community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. We gather every Sunday at 4:30PM for worship in a store front art gallery in the West 7th neighborhood of St Paul, MN. We also gather in our local pub for monthly Beer and Hymn nights. Humble Walk's worship is centered in Word and Sacrament. We are deeply rooted in the liturgical seasons. So, we want to recognize the Order of Worship—but we also want it to breathe with new life. Singing and music are valued expressions of our life together. We also value hands-on (kinetic) elements in worship. Our growth area is visual art.




  • Book the weekly guest artists (understanding we want a mix of people, types of music, hands-on and visual artists)
  • Work with Jodi to plan worship
  • Hold quarterly seasonal planning events as a way of inviting our whole community into the process (Pentecost, Advent, Epiphany, Lent...or whichever ones make the most sense)
  • Pay attention to the needs of the community (as they shift throughout the year/season)
  • Attend to our need for comfort and risk within worship
  • Consider worship that is for every age.
  • Work with Jodi on bulletin format/design.
  • Lead Beer and Hymn events once a month (or find the person who leads this event)
  • Incorporate Humble Walk leaders



Guest Artist Hall of Fame

Michael Morris

Jonathan Rundman

Rachel Kurtz

Holly Hansen (Zoo Animal)

Nate Houge

Justin Rimbo


John Kerns

Matt Holm (visual art)

Grant Applehans

Richard and Trish Bruxvoort-Colligan

Tangled Blue

Restless Liturgy (Tim Snyder, Brie Trovall, Dustin Nelson)

John Hermanson

Josie Lewis (visual art)

Bill Singsaas and his friends

Erin DeBeor-Moran (visual art)

Junifers (Erin, Erika and Brie)

Micah Taylor

My Anchor Holds



Send resumes with cover letters and questions to:

Theresa Hunter