Beer and Hymns will return in October.

Beer and hymns again It is clear that you all demand the return of Beer and Hymns. We have heard the people. The people want beer and rowdy singing. Okay, we can do that. Put these dates on your calendar and then show up for a mighty fine time at Shamrock's Pub. Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16, Feb 17, Mar 24, April 28 and possibly May 19. Tell your people. Show up with fat wads of cash to put in our water pitchers and a few friends who love nerdfest events. Yes, our ethereal ring leader, Justin Rimbo has moved across the country to pursue theological education. Yes, we sent him with a blessing. Yes, these events will feel differently without Justin leading. Yes, we are okay with change. No, we won't stoop to sentimentalism. But it IS okay to miss the Rimbo clan. Yes, we will have a job posting process underway just as soon as we are able. Look for it near the end of August.