Things are off the hook. Again.

Bay Lake summer 13It's summer. Glorious summer. The windows are open. Lawn mowers are buzzing and life at Humble Walk is so immersed into daily life it's hard to tell who is in and who is out and what is just life and what is church. Which's working. Last week, a carload of folks spent an evening in Northfield at The Barn--singing backup and being the response to the call and response and making bar room sounds for one amazing layer. The recording process requires amazing patience and humor. Thankfully, we aren't facing shortages of either.

While this carload drove out of town, another group gathered at the park for an ice cream social. Drippy cones and new faces and returning friends excitedly saying, "Hey,  you all were here last year!"

Bay lake summer 13 alsoThe next morning--after a slight storm delay--carload after carload packed up (the packing process requires amazing patience and humor) and headed to Bay Lake Island Camp 100 miles north of the city. Kids outnumbered adults (25 to 16). Everyone let their guards down for a free-range weekend in the woods. Dozens of fisherpeople caught a ridiculous amount of fish. Adults stayed up way too late playing board games. Good meals were shared. Some swam. Some consumed s'mores. Everyone dreamed of more time. We all gathered for Sunday worship (along with others from around the mainland who boated in) and re-entered life in St Paul transformed by the woods and time and play and relationship.

This week, we gather in the park behind Adam's Elementary School on Thursday from 6-7PM for paint splattery fun. And then on Sunday, we gather for worship for the last time with the Rimbo clan. Come and send them off with a blessing. If you want to head to a goodbye dinner at Shamrock's post-worship, bring some cash.

When you let go of your plans and tight controls and trust Jesus to show up in your midst--things get crazy very quickly. And that is where the good stuff happens.

Come and see.

(Great big thank you to Joy McDonald-Colvet for taking time to snap some pictures)