Kicked Out.

Humble Walk started in our yard with ice cream and conversations. We moved into other spaces--Fresh Grounds Coffee, Wild Wednesdays, the Pilney, Skinner's Bar, Shamrock's, Highland Park picnic area, bus stops, Acme Scenic Arts. We have collected a few things along the way. Not many, but some. We have a couple bins of art supplies, a couple filing boxes of liturgies,  coffee pots, a collection of Goodwill dishes, tie dye supplies, a good deal of coasters, a thurible made of bike parts, three bins of worship supplies, two music stands and one fancy wooden music stand, a fake tree that we tie prayers to, an icon,  Beer and Hymnals, some envelopes. And three 32 cent postage stamps.

The worship bins are at Acme (our worship space), the dishes and thurible are in the Houge garage, a few things ride around in my truck, important paperwork rides around in my bag. And the rest is in the Houge basement. Is it any wonder that I feel a little scattered at times--arriving at an event wondering: "Did I grab the right music for this event? Do I have the right bin? Shoot. I forgot the file with the offering count."

After five years, I am kicking Humble Walk out of my basement. Evicted in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and space and sanity for the Houge family. At the end of the summer, I might let Humble Walk back in. Let's evaluate together in August. For now, I am looking for a free office space to land (not a home--but could be a unconventional). In St Paul. I would be present now and then--(but most of my time is out in coffee shops and events). Mostly, it would be a place to keep our stuff and practice another system. Let me know if you have leads.