Zion of Amor Lutheran Church

Zion of AmorGuess what? There is a church near Battle Lake, MN that quietly supports our community. It is a place filled with faithful, lovely people who continually make the world a better place.  I know this first-hand. I was sent there for a year of internship during seminary. Lydia and Nate came with me...and then we all watched Elsa grow during that winter and hatch in the spring. This community took in our weird little family and loved us right into the community. We didn't speak the language of lake life or hunting or fishing and Zion of Amor said, "No matter. Want some coffee?" And they gave me room to preach and teach and figure out what my role as a pastor is going to look like. Just at the point when I was starting to figure it out--they sent me back to seminary to finish up. And then Zion of Amor started the whole process all over again with a new intern. Can you imagine the faith you need to have in the life of the God's church to do this over and over? To pour time and resources and experience into a newbie and then send them out to lead somewhere else? ANYway. This community was the first to pray for Humble Walk. Right from the beginning. They were the first to support us financially. Their quilters send us quilts to give away. Their knitters and crocheters send hats and scarfs and prayer shawls. They follow us on fb and our website and encourage, encourage, encourage. So, when a gift arrived last week--a portion of their lenten offering--it about knocked me over with their faith in us to respond to God's call to do what we do.

Also, if you are spending the summer at the lake...and that lake is near Zion of Amor...go and meet them. (And marvel that they drink coffee out of real mugs) (REAL MUGS, people). Thank you, Zion.