Have Church. Will Travel.

coffee-mugIn February, some Humble folk took part in a synod event called Tool Kit. One of the challenges we threw down to the church leaders in the room was to begin having every single meeting in a public space. Every council meeting...every Sunday School teacher's meeting...every summer trip planning event...every bible study...every think tank for the new capital campaign. In coffee shops and bars and parks and yogurt shops.  Not only does this put you in the role of 'guest", it opens up your imagination to who is around. I wonder how that is going for you all? As I look back over April, my public mobile office has looked like: Small group bible study (pub) Storytelling event (pub) Preacher's text study (coffee shop) Pre-marriage counseling (taco shop) Summer planning meeting (cafe) Pre-baptism meeting (pub) Pre-marriage counseling (coffee shop) Beer and Hymns (pub) Worship (art gallery)

Where might the month of May take you?