Your Dead Don't Scare Us

Bring Out Your Dead. We ain't scared.  When you ask people to tell stories about being hauled out of tombs--about resurrection--they do it. We heard tales of swinging  your partner around the dance floor, about making sure our kids know who they come from, about being desperate for a child, about the ghosts of three miscarriages and the arrival of the one. We were asked to contemplate the value of a backyard urban chicken's life. We heard the heartbreak of infidelity and the understanding that it wasn't the end.

It's not the end.

We all have these--these skeletons rattling around our closets. And when people are brave enough to give us a glimpse of what that looks, tastes, feels like in their lives--it leaves room for the rest of us to rattle those bones. It is Easter. And as Storyteller Phil says, Easter is the season where we hang death and despair out on the line for some much needed sunshine.

Someone passed this little gem onto me (inspired by one of the stories last night). It's worth a read.

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